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About Us

Who Rescued Who is an eclectic, energetic Rock/R&B band from Florida. Many things set this band apart from other cover bands in the region, but there’s no denying several crucial factors when determining who to hire for your event. This band’s musical performance is extremely tight & polished. In a sea of regional bands that are more of a one/two genre group, this band’s setlist can be vastly diverse, executing all styles with precision. And above all, the high level of professionalism found with Who Rescued Who is on display at each and every performance.

Encompassing an extremely dense variety of music, the band prides itself on it’s musical strengths which are Rock, Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop. However, they are fully capable of many other genres such as Country, Reggae and even some Contemporary Jazz. Who Rescued Who is beyond capable of fulfilling the musical mood of whatever the environment is calling for.

The band is typically is a 4-piece (including saxophone) but can be as large as necessary. They can hire extra horns or a female singer, for example. They can also handle different musical aspects of an event, such as hiring a string section. In the first few months of 2024, the band will reach their 400th Wedding that they have performed from the Florida Keys to the Carolinas to the French Quarter. They have played Private & Public events (such as Corporate Events & Private Events) in 6 different states. Formed in 2013, the group has garnered a large support network strictly through word of mouth of fellow/previous vendors & venues. Not failing to mention a staggering amount of 110% satisfied past clients.

Who Rescued Who band members love to travel & love playing music. It shows on their faces & in their professional manner in which they work. Dressing sharp or staying casual, Who Rescued Who is the elite cover band you are looking for to energize your event no matter how big or small, near or far. You’ve reached your musical destination with this group. Let’s work together and make your event even more epic than you imagined!

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