The new lineup!

If you haven’t had a chance to come see a show lately, you are missing out! The new trio is outstanding. Any old fans will be blown away by the new life that has been breathed into these songs!!! David Abraham is performing both bass & keys at the same time using 2 separate keyboards & the sound of the band has taken on a whole new level! Ben Hardy is still killing it on the drums as always! He’s even rapping “Whoomp! There It Is!” along with “Flashing Lights.” Come see the new group!!!! You won’t regret it!GREAT pic of David:Ben:JE

Welcoming Ben Hardy to the Who Rescued Who family!!!!

We would like to officially welcome Ben Hardy as the new drummer for Who Rescued Who on Oct 1st! Brent Couch & Ben Hardy are peacefully & lovingly trading places. No drama, no negativity, all is peaceful in our world…

Brent Couch has been talking w/ us for some time about relocating to Winston-Salem (his hometown) to spend more time w/ his friends & family there. Ben Hardy used to play drums with Ryan Crary/Wits End years ago & he has been rehearsing & writing with WRW the last few weeks in preparation for the transition…

We LOVE Brent & we wish him nothing but the best!!! We fully expect to have Mr. Couch hanging w/ us frequently at shows in the future. Thank you for all that you have done for us, Brent! Ben Hardy comes fully equipped for the task & is ready to carry the torch- we are seriouslyy excited to let him run wild! You guys will have to come see this beast for yourselves in the near future…

Brent’s last shows with us are:
9/24 Casey’s [Orlando] 10pm
9/25 Casa Marina Penthouse [Jax Beach] 7pm
9/26 Lynch’s [Jax Beach] 10:30pm
9/28 Bradshaw’s [Charlotte] 9pm

Cheers to the future for all 4 of us! Thx to all of our beloved fans who always grow w/ us full of love & support . Come meet Ben & show some love for the Couchhhhh!!! WE LOVE YOU BRENTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!Ben Hardy pic

50 days to go!!!! Back to work!

We had a great weekend in Gainesville!! Shows were full of energy & it was a great way to start our shows in that city. Thanks to Tall Paul’s for having us! Today it has been back to work! Getting lots of work done!!

We know that many of you are still planning to donate to our Kickstarter in the next coming weeks but if you haven’t taken a look yet please do- we are relying on the help of our fans that believe in us to help get our first album out. We promise it is going to be an album full of everything that we have to give! The new songs have been rolling in and they are getting tighter every day.

We know there are many of you who have been encouraging us & telling us that you admire our work ethic & that we deserve the best album money can buy… Well please help us get there, your help is appreciated beyond words. Thank you again to everyone who has already donated. We have gifts for all who donate, and any amount is terrific!!! We love you all so much. Our fans have been full of encouragement all along the way. Much love everyone have a good week!!!!

For more info about our campaign please visit


Greetings from Gainesville

Yesterday was a great day for writing. Made plenty of headway with new songs. We probably have enough material now for the entire album but we will continue creating/scraping as we go. Tons of ideas keep pouring in.

Today we are in Gainesville getting ready for our shows tonight & tomorrow night at Tall Paul’s. We have a guest drummer with us named Ben Hardy & it sounds like he’s got our songs down purty good! This is our first time performing at a venue in Gainesville & we are ready for it so let’s do this!!!!!!!

Tomorrow will be the day that Ryan & John come together on ideas they have been working on in different cities over the last week. This should yield several new songs. So get ready for some new songs in the setlist this week! Hope everyone has a rad weekend.images

Day 4 of Kickstarter. Looking good!!!

We have reached day 4 of the 59-day Kickstarter Campaign & things are off to a great start!! In only the first 4 days we have already reached 1/10 of our goal!!! To all that have donated, an immense thank you to you. We know there are lots of you who have told us that you plan to donate in the near future and that’s great! Please keep the donations coming- we promise that we will put your money to good use in every way. We just need help getting this out as soon as possible!! That’s where the campaign really helps. We have already spent our own money laying down the foundations for several tracks at dbCave studio, but with your help it will put this project into FAST-FORWARD!!! We feel so loved by everyone that has been encouraging us, supporting us, and pushing us ahead by generously donating to our Campaign.

Another day of writing, re-writing & grinding is going on today! John has come up with a new song today that he says he is more excited about than all the other songs so far (this is a great thing considering how proud we all are about the songs we have thus far!!) At the close of this weekend, we should have at least 5 songs ready. We have been going through all of the songs & reviewing what we have written over the last year or so but we are finding that our BRAND NEW ideas are the strongest. For those of you that have heard us performing our new songs “NoLa”, “Cruisin'” and “Alone” you already know!!

We have a few more weeks to tighten down at least 10 songs & continue performing them out live to work out all the kinks before we hit the studio. We plan to storm dbCave Studio with tenacity at the close of this campaign to finalize our first full-length album. And then it’s time to take it TO THE MOON!!!! The writing continues…..IMG_0116